Alex therigas

Hi, I have always wanted to write my story, just never thought I would be able to put a website online from scratch just for you to know it. By the way, I am Alex a mechanical engineer :D, wait let me back up.

As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a programmer but traditional parents didn’t help much. and here I was doing my graduation in mechanical engineering.

After graduating I started working for a leading company. I had a spark to learn, fail, to innovate I was working with interesting people learning something new every day and then it became a routine, I burned out.

I started soul searching for something that I could really sink my mind into. At that time it was a dream to start off with something. Luckily for me, It was blogging, Ever heard of the Greek word “Rigas” meaning ‘King’?

Power, legacy, and pride are what everybody must have. After all, everyone deserves to be KING in their own life.

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