How To Achieve Success in Life [5 Key Habits]

How to achieve success

I have been studying a lot of successful people through all these years and the real difference between the average Joe and a successful person is just the habits. There are certain behavior patterns in successful people that seems to be etched in their neural pathways. Before skipping on to

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Let us understand, what is a habit? What’s the psychology that drives human habits?

Habits are routines that we tend to do automatically daily. If you snooze the alarm daily when an alarm rings you have the snooze habit. If you wake up and reach your running shoes or coffee before anything daily, that’s a habit.

There are all kinds of habit good, bad and to break an old habit one might find it’s quite a hard thing to do. Likewise developing a good habit is also a difficult thing to achieve. In our lifetime we develop subconscious routines and in Order to Introduce a new habit one needs to replace it with the old ones.

Understanding the subconscious habit

for eg., You wake up in the morning do your morning chores and get ready for work. You take your own ride preferably a car and you hit the road. Some people will not remember their travel once they reach work.

Few will be thinking about things and might notice like how their body takes corrective action just as braking, shifting gears etc subconsciously. These are repetitive tasks turned into subconscious habits.

How To Achieve Success In Life[ 5 key Habits]


A staggering 70% of the population don’t take a walk, Run a mile or Hit the gym. These people wake up late, tune into social media and feed crap to their brains. Results are evident social withdrawal, depression, anxiety, poor posture, flabby body and lack of energy.

So let’s start with our first goal in our How to achieve success [5 key Habits] Guide.

I would suggest you 30 min light aerobic activity for five days a week such as walking. Take your dog out with you for a 30 min walk, Mowing your lawn etc can be a good start.

Or you can opt for a vigorous activity such as running, swimming or bicycling for 25 mins 3 days a week.

It will be hard to make it a habit but once you start and repeat it for some time soon it will become a ritual. These rituals are the shortcut to changing attitudes, relationships and behavior. Exercising daily will fill your brain with neurochemical that will motivate you from the inside and improve quality of life.

Are there any benefits of waking up at 5 am? A 100% Yes

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Every single person has a dream. What I care about is your plan. Your plan must be clear, concise, compelling and consistent. You can’t achieve success unless you become consistent. Most people start with a vision, put some efforts and when things don’t go the way expected they stop. This start and stop are anti consistent.

You must also not think of perfectionism in things you do. If you try to make everything perfect your execution is postponed. So be consistent in your goals, exercise and you’ll achieve success. Consistency means repeating your tasks daily and getting better every time. When you become consistent you’ll see progress. It is continuing even if you are failing to reach that finish line that ideally never exists.

Why consistency is vital?

Suppose you want to become the best surfer in the world. You get on the surfboard, a giant wave comes and you fall from the board and hit the waves. So how would you learn to surf? By consistently hitting the waves.

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People these days are interested in intensity it’s like going to the dentist and getting your teeth fixed but if you only cared about intensity your teeth would fall off. That’s why we brush our teeth twice daily so that our teeth become stronger. I hope you got consistency now.


Successful people are always positive about the future and they leave no room for complaints. A successful person is a problem solver, not a complainer. An opportunity exists always where there is a complaint.

Who are the complainers?

The ones who can’t get over failures. To me, a complaint is like a literal waste of time and energy.

Think different, try to solve problems than complaint and escalate it.

Complaining also has underlying health effects. It makes a person negative. Our brains are designed for maximum efficiency when we complain a negative thought is created and this thought is stored between nerve cells so that next time when this negative thought is created it is easily transmitted. This explains how some repetitive tasks become ingrained habits.

Research from Stanford shows people who complain tend to become dumber as their problem-solving ability decreases day by day this condition is called hippocampus which also affects our cognitive functions. The other effects being the release of cortisol which is a stress hormone released in fight or flight situations. The increased level of cortisol causes depression stress and anxiety attacks.

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The entrepreneurs don’t say they are successful but they show and that’s what incantation means. It’s like believing you can make it no matter what. It’s that point where you are a most certain person and don’t want success anymore but demand it. Incantation is when you speak and embody that whatever you believe your dreams, goals will become true.

It’s often confused with affirmation. Affirmation is saying something like I am successful, I am successful, I am successful. This lacks physiology and hence the person would not be successful.


Feedback is your track of progress. With feedback, you understand what’s working good or bad for you. In feedback, the receiver is in charge. You can learn from it to improve and drive forward with feedback.

Feedbacks are not 100% accurate and it need not be but that 10% accuracy is all that’s needed for you to grow. Some people are insensitive for these people negative feedback never exists.

So while taking feedback one must take it honestly knowing that

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30 thoughts on “How To Achieve Success in Life [5 Key Habits]”

  1. Consistency is my most difficult thing. I will work hard and then suddenly have a lack of motivation. Also, I noticed that when I exercise I feel more motivated and energized. Nice post.

  2. Definitely agree about the complaining part. Complaining puts you in a victim mindset and it’s hard to get anything done that way! I find that people who complain all the time are looking for an excuse to stay in their comfort zone and avoid trying anything new.

  3. I totally agree! Those who want to find a way will, those who don’t will find excuses. and consistency is definitely the key. I find i get demotivated if I don’t see results and then think why waste my time but im realizing now success takes time and the only thing to do is be consistent while you wait for results.

  4. These are definely great tips. Everyday I am practicing consistency in everything that I do. It’s a challenge, but the outcome of has been extremely rewarding.

  5. Hopes and Dreams. We all see ourselves somewhere in the distant future; we all have goals, dreams, and aspirations. Success means achieving those goals; it means that you can get what you’ve always wanted. And these r great steps.

  6. Great points! Your quote, “There’s no improvement without feedback,” resonated with me. Oftentimes, I find myself afraid of feedback for fear of negative comments. But the truth is, we can always grow from those comments and be better next time!

  7. such a great message and advice. we should follow these tips. i will also try to imply them in my life. thanks for sharing this post.

  8. Consistency is a hard one as I have good days and bad days. I have days where I go to sleep very early and some days where I sleep on time. I have days where I am tired and days where I am good.

  9. I love this post I need to get back into the habit of exercise again. And I agree complaining is a complete waste of time.

  10. Saying yes to incantations. When I speak and embody that whatever I believe, my dreams and goals will become true. Thank you for sharing such a motivational post.

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