Aquaman (2018)-Things you must know before watching aquaman

,AquamanAquaman- Things you must know before watching aquaman

Aquaman (2018) A tide is coming


Aquaman has been adapted from The New 52! Dc’s revamped comics by Geoff Johns

Bruce Wayne meets Arthur Curry Aquaman   Aquaman has had a lot of back stories and was never considered a worthy superhero, was joked about his power to communicate with aquatic animals, which has also been used by DC in Justice League as humor when Bruce Wayne (Batman) makes fun of Arthur about Aquaman and tries to convince him to join his team, Justice League.
James Wan has made it magnificent with his directorial skills which can be seen on Teasers. Aquaman is fast, Agile and Raw what more you want in the King of Tide. Aquaman’s intro in Justice League has opened gates to this amazing solo superhero movie that fans were eagerly waiting to watch.


Aquaman in Justice League

What we know so far about Aquaman is, He is a man of free will as he quotes “A strong man is strongest alone” in Justice League so he works on his terms and that is the reason why he lives with humans even after discovering that he is the rightful heir of the throne in Atlantis. Aquaman manly authority is liked by the fans in justice league. In the comics, Aquaman and Batman have always had conflicts for authority in leading justice league. Is Jason Momoa’s Aquaman pointing us to that? Would be worth waiting for.


Atlantis Aquaman


Atlantis was a continent in the Atlantic Ocean and was known for inhibiting one of the most advanced cultural society to ever exist on the face of the earth. The continent was shared by twelve distinct communities and under influence of Calculha and Majistra, the powerful mystics it became the advanced society on earth. Calculha and Majistra were sorcerers Calculha being a white magic practitioner and Majistra black arts. Magic was the dominant power considered throughout the continent still some intellectuals were already discovering about science.

When the wheel was not even invented in other parts of earth it is said that people in Atlantis made a vessel with science and sorcery that was used to visit outer space. There are theories that state few Atlanteans succeeded in escaping earth with this vessel to other planets and evolved in planets namely Rann, Thanagar, and Krypton.

After a meteor strike, Atlantis sinks and becomes invisible to humans. The gods wanted to protect the Atlanteans and hence gave them the power to live underwater and rule the ocean but far from human reach a kingdom under ocean the Atlantis exists.


Aquaman Origin


Tom curry (Temuera Morrison) who lives in Amnesty Bay saves a woman one night who is tossed by the storm to the shore. This woman is Atlanta (Nicole Kidman) the queen of deepwater world Atlantis. After her rescue, Atlanta develops a relationship with Human Tom curry who is a lighthouse keeper.

The frequent visits by Atlanta to surface world is disliked by Atlanteans and Atlanta is banished from Atlantis. The relationship of Tom and Atlanta gets sentimental with the birth of Arthur Jason Momoa, ( Aquaman )

Arthur being the son of the queen of the ocean has inherited some powers. Tom discovers this when his son at his early age is seen by him undersea playing with sea creatures without drowning for hours. Arthur later comes to know about Atlantis and his powers as his mother on her deathbed reveals it to him.


Orin Ocean Master


Arthur also has a half-brother Orin. Orin is one of the antiheroes in Aquaman. Due to the environmental harm caused by humans to aquatic life, Orin with other Atlanteans decide to go for war against the surface world the wrath of seven seas and the only way to stop the war is Arthur taking his respectful throne in Atlantis.

King of Atlantis Aquaman

Mera (Amber Heard) the future wife to Arthur and Queen of Atlantis is from the Xebel Kingdom ruled by her father. Xebel is one of the seven kingdoms that fall apart while Atlantis sunk into the Ocean. Mera has water bending ability and is the only person who can bridge the gap between Arthurs Surface world and Atlantis. The teaser has also shown us Atlantis and my first thoughts are BadAss It reminds me of Avatar but this would be an epic underwater journey. So far it’s amazing.

In the trailer it’s clear that Orin has control over Atlantis and both the brother would have a hell of a fight it seems much like Gladiator wars from Coliseum and would be a great show.

Black Manta



David Hyde (Black Manta) was a kid held as a captive in a ship and was physically abused by the people in the ship. Once he saw Aquaman with dolphins and tried to ask for help but Aquaman didn’t see him. David Hyde was then sent to Asylum where he was used as a subject of experiments and thus became violent.

After growing up he developed a suit for himself which had a large no of above and underwater weapons. The suit is bulletproof, waterproof and lets him dive to the unknown depths without deepwater pressure issues suit is completely sealed and cannot be entered even at the atomic level

Black Manta with his FatherIt also adds an extra level of durability allowing him to withstand explosions, his bee-like mask can shoot lasers making him one  of the most dangerous villains in DCEU

Black Manta was trained to fight by his father, he was an excellent swimmer as well. From the final Teaser, it seems Aquaman kills  David’s father and that’s how he becomes Black Manta and wants to kill Aquaman out of revenge.

Comment your thoughts on Aquaman, If you are a Marvel fan you might like insights about VENOM check that out!

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