5 Tips To Be A Top Performer

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We all have come across top performer’s right from our schools, college, firm or an Entrepreneur that we know in person or follow on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. These top performers have always worked in private towards their success. Following them and watching their success, we have wished for or dreamt of living a similar life full of success. We have often tried to walk in their footsteps to success but have failed as we have just seen the fame of these top performers and forgot about their grind.

The world is changing rapidly, technology is changing, education is changing, and people are changing as well. It’s extremely competitive and full of people who have want’s, but no clear direction.  In order to succeed, we must Hone our skills to be the top performer’s in life, business or at work.

A closer look at top performer’s lives reveals that they do things that are often neglected by the average peoples. And it doesn’t take you to be knowing rocket science to stand out as the best employee of the firm, best Manager or best CEO or to be a top performer and start your own venture.

Elon Musk a computer science graduate found PayPal and also started Space X, Tesla and Solar city with his own skills without a degree in motor, space, and energy.

What enabled Elon Musk to be a top performer in the Entrepreneurial world?


5 Tips To Be The Top Performer


Most of us start our day late, and as a result, we underperform at work business and life. Our plans are taken for the instance that we are in without taking into consideration the future effects of our decision. While top performers take a decision keeping in mind the future, they have this habit of thinking ahead of time.

If Elon musk took decisions based on present would he be effectively running 3 companies altogether? Definitely No

He plans things ahead and that gives him room to take key decisions for all his companies. This skill is not just limited to Elon Musk. Watch this video of Jeff Bezos founder and CEO of Amazon on thinking long term. It will encourage you to become top performer just by foreseeing things.


You might be having a bad mood or start of the day whatever it is you must be ready to beat the game in its face with your positive attitude. Nobody cares about you or your life problems even your goals. So instead of whining you must wake up early, have a smile and put in the work that you planned ahead. Top performers always execute whatever results may be they leave no stones unturned. Waking up early gives you leverage that will keep you ahead in your daily chores. And it’s not just about working hard but smarter in a way that you outperform and bring out the best you can to become successful.

Here’s how you can achieve more with fewer efforts with 80/20 rule.


Adaptability is a quite rare and unique trait that top performers have. You must be adaptable to any idea, skill or work environment to be successful. What if your co-worker gets fired? Your products don’t sell well? You must be adaptable to work within or out of your comfort zone. There should be a backup plan to put in action and you must have a work ethic to adapt to change.

Manage Time

We often say we don’t have time for ourselves for something creative or things we are passionate about. But have you wondered how some people are able to get more work done in the same 24 hours we all have,

The key is time management. Top performers manage time exceptionally well. Money and Happiness will come and go but one thing that won’t come back is TIME. You must always use time wisely.

Being Busy isn’t the same as Being the Effective period Click To Tweet


Think Out of the box

Thinking out of the box is not something new it’s been there and is still something that even most high-level algorithms or engines are not that good at. It is finding creative solution thinking freely and against the old paths used before.

It’s about getting rid of constraint. The moment you involve goal, a constraint will be in action and your mind will follow the same old paths used by others. Thinking wide and freely without goal defectiveness helps one to become top performers



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