The Power of Habit [Hack your brain a must read]


We are not who we portray ourselves as. A closer look into our lives will reveal we are a byproduct of influences. This means our personality and local identity are not fixed. We are malleable beings and we can change the way we think and perform in our daily life by understanding the power of habit…

A lot of us might wonder why does one need to change the way he/she act or think or understand the power of habit? In broader spectrum our identity. The answer lies in the power of habit, the fact that the habits we develop become ingrained in our brains. The older we get our habit becomes rituals and are harder to replace.

And while we are yet to be older, is the best time to develop habits that will make us successful faster, because when you cross the fifties your brain tends to remember less and thus you won’t be able to think, decide and execute for achieving success at a fast pace.

That’s where the power of habit comes into the picture. What if I tell you, how you can hack your brain?

How to become successful as upstart businessmen?  Like the ones who made science fiction to science-backed things. People like Warren Buffett, Larry Page, Elon musk all have their own flow or brain hack techniques that made them ultra successful early in life.

The Power of Habit [Hack your brain a must read]

Be Creative

Creativity gives us the freedom to use our imagination and make something without thinking about judgments. It lets you engage with the world. It is often said everybody cannot be creative. There are only a few who can truly be creative. I would say this is a myth anybody can be creative and everybody should be with the help of the power of habit. I happened to see a video spinning ballerina illusion.

In the video, if you see girl rotating clockwise it means you are a right-brained person

And if you see the girl rotating in anticlockwise direction then you are a left brained person. A left-brained person is logical and a right-brained person creative.

My curiosity made me research whether such a state occurs where a person happens to use only his left brain or right brain. The conclusions were that It was just an illusion and we use both sides of our brains thus we can be both creative and logical at the same time.


To be creative one must have time to think. We are living in a world where we are required to multitask at work leaving us with no room for thinking.

Ford is an expert company in car making they know where the steering goes. While companies like Google have no prior experience in car making but they know there’s no need for steering with AI-based Self-driving vehicles. So Innovations happen where your creativity is not limited by experience just as with ford in the above example.

Creativity gives you self actualization and self-belief. It helps you in expressing yourself and is an excellent way to relieve stress. You cannot become an artist by reading a book or a manual.

Just as you cant be alive with any book or manual. When you hack your brain to be creative you learn different ways of solving problems in your art as well as life by focusing on and understanding the power of habit.

Keep emotions in control

We often end up doing things that we don’t intend. Like envying our colleague for their promotion at work. An emotionally driven eating disorder. Lashing out anger on silly things such as people who bump in front while we are driving in a hurry.

So basically a situation affects our emotion, changes our mood. This, in turn, makes us take out of character or rational decisions.

I have seen people who maintain their state of emotion i.e they keep their feelings in control via the power of habit. These people are the beast or dominant people in society you can defeat them practically but mentally they are so strong that no situation can affect their emotion.

Prime your brain


Priming is neuro-linguistic programming. Which means the use of certain words that change our mindset towards the related memory by seeing an image, object or word.

We are often shown commercials of certain products on television and social media.

Have you ever wondered why they are repeated for more than the required time? The answer is priming, so when you hit the market and decide to buy shampoo. You are most likely to choose the product that you saw recently on commercials. Subconsciously your brain was programmed with that products memory.

That’s how powerful priming is it’s just like Incantations in some sense. Purpose, enthusiasm, eager and motivation all these words direct us towards our ambition.

Likewise, this blog will motivate you and prime your brain to become successful, wise and goal driven.

Do things you avoid

So far we have seen how we can hack our brain via emotions and actions. In other words, the power of habit. Our emotions can’t be leveraged to full extent if we don’t put in actions. This doesn’t mean you need to put yourself in a horrible state or make yourself feel bad.

The point here is to do things you avoid because of fear or judgment. Taking physical health into consideration and meeting people can be a good start.

Taking a day off from social media, Binge-watching can also be skipped to hack your brain. The motive here is to do things that are not what you would do daily. Build that relationship, skill, do some social service just anything that you keep in do later bin in your brain. This may not always make you feel good or happy but will lead to emotion that will be helpful for you to analyze and get a deeper understanding of yourself.

Physical health and Brain

Our brain works on chemicals like endorphins that are produced when we undergo some physical activity. Exercise has a lot of benefits and is hence last in the power of habit guide. Swimming, Running or even Walking effects how our brain operates in the day to day tasks. Endorphins affect new blood vessel growth, brain cell health and production and survival of new brain cells.

It helps against the loss of memory and our problem-solving skills. Physical activity has a lot of benefits to our brain as well as body it could be anyone activity of your liking but consistency should be the key here.

Are there any benefits to waking up at 5 AM? 100% Yes!

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