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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina- A NETFLIX Original

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is an Archies comic adaptation “the teenage witch Sabrina”. Roberto Aguirre-sacasa developed the series for NETFLIX and he wasn’t kidding around by adding the Chilling word to the series as the show is spooky as Hell.

The plot is based on different ideas as the lead actress from “Mad Men’s” (Kiernan Shipka) Sabrina is dragged to underworld and back, creating disruption, damage and brutal chaos to the material world which is not even near to the ‘teenage witch Sabrina’ aired back in the 1996 which was a peppy comedy.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was intended to be the counterpart of the sister series Riverdale by CW, however, the project was later given on to NETFLIX with straight to series aim. The series is shot in Vancouver, British Columbia where two seasons were shot back to back. The first season has ten episodes and has been launched on 26 October 2018 and has received good critics so far.




Sabrina Spellman is a half mortal half witch who lives in Greendale which is a dark and sinister place fit for demons and his followers. She is just like a normal teen who spends her time with her boyfriend Harvey and friends. However, on her 16th birthday, she must embrace the witch half through a dark baptism and devote herself to the dark lord ‘SATAN’. Sabrina is hence left with a choice of picking family ‘the witches’ or friends ‘the mortal beings’ and spends her day finding answers to the dark baptism ritual.


Sabrina being a half mortal teen has emotions and the understanding of good and is stubborn just like every 16-year-old teen and finds it very hard to balance both her split personalities which always ends up in gruesome heft more often than not.


The story is thrilling and leads to the question why Sabrina is wanted so bad by the dark lord? In the episodes, Sabrina’s mortal teacher Ms. Wardwell is killed and possessed by Madam Satan who seeks to bring Sabrina to the dark lord one of the conspiracy theory could be that Sabrina will replace the mother of demons Madam Satan and become Queen of hell.

dark lord


The Night church is a strict sect of devil worshipers who are seen worshiping evil sacrificing humans and often eating them and wants nothing more than Sabrina. Sabrina’s mortal life intersecting with the Night church is the backbone of the series and all the characters are so in the game that it’s compelling when things turn hellscape.

the night church

Sabrina with all the underworld chaos also has to deal with the weird sisters who look down on her as she’s a half witch. The Academy of arts is just like a bizarre Hogwarts unofficially ruled by the weird sisters. Sabrina should have been shown acing all the magic which she learns by herself in Academy of arts. The story comes at its best when Academy of art students come into action. Still, it is compelling an alluring enough to watch more. Harvey might be the only anchor holding Sabrina back from becoming a complete witch and is worth waiting for to know in the next season

Sabrina and Harvey

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4 thoughts on “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

  1. I used to see Sabrina as a peppy show in my childhood, and now after so many years this has come back as a thrilling one. I literally do not remember what the previous show was about, so this is gonna be an exciting ride through the series. But anyways thanks to admin for giving me enough info to connect to the story. Thumbs up! 😊

    1. Hi, Glad you connect with this post. Sabrina is a Supernatural horror by NETFLIX
      you’ll love all the spooky twists in this series 🙂

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