Why Gender Bias Is Actually Irrelevant In Today’s World.



To say Males are dominant and Gender Bias exists in today’s world is an utterly stupid remark one can make. It is said most wealthy people in world are men, the large sum of capital is with men. On the contrary it is said females are underpaid, discriminated, less valued in society and workplace.

What I see is, this is a tiny sub strata of data in which Males are seen rich and females underpaid and valued less because of gender bias. The unnoticed fact is most people who die in wars are men. Most alcohol addicts are men. Most people who end up in prison are men. Most homeless people on streets are men.Most people who commit suicide are also men.

And thus I would like to ask, where is gender bias here?

The reason behind decline of men lies in the education gap. Mens seem less focused on their careers at early age and most men’s drop out before completing their formal education.Mens tend to die 5 years earlier than women because of alcohol addictions or drug overdose in depression. Most men’s take odd jobs due to lack of education for eg if you call a plumber,Most likely the plumber will be men. So how comes a question about the pay gap?

There was a time when women’s were not allowed to have education in fields like medicine. But if we see world as its today most doctors or medicine practitioner are women’s. It is said for every dollar a men earns women makes 80 cents. This statement fuels the gender bias and is actually a false statement if we see men and women with similar skill set, experience and title both earn equal in today’s world.

Understanding Gender bias with Gender Spectrum

To be honest today’s youth have little to no understanding of Gender. If a guy wears pink or plays with dolls he is considered gay. If a girl has short hairs and tattoos and a boyish accent she is considered a “he” and likewise.

Gender and sex are often used in relation but there’s a vast difference. A person is decided to be male or female based on his/ her genitals. Gender is ofcourse biased with the biological aspect. Gender is confused to be binary. But what if i tell you there exists

a bridge a mid state,even before our body decides our gender there’s continuum of possibilities that can create the bias. This bias affects our emotions and often how others interact with us. A recent study in neurology points that even a guy with male reproductive system can be a girl from the way he express himself. So our brain has lot to do with how we experience this gender bias.

Is there a bias?

To come to the point why gender bias is irrelevant let’s see gender similarities hypothesis. This hypothesis was originally proposed by professor from UW- madison Dr.Janet Shibley Hyde.

This hypothesis is a result of meta meta-analysis of gender bias. Meta analysis is basically reviewing hundreds of thousands of research studies to know whether a hypothesis is true or not.

This type of analysis are often subject to file-drawer syndrome. Which leads to person reviewing to believe his study of research that has not been published to be used in their research which might be true or not true at all. This hypothesis has proved that there exist no difference or negligent between both genders. The most talked about difference “aggression” which is said to be noted in girls has no difference when comparing aggression in mens. The negligent difference lies in performance (throwing velocity to distance).


I am not a sexist. Feminism is good till it’s fighting against crime and violence against women but once the male hatred is included it alters the whole meaning. I question the existence of feminist activist when every female has a brother, father or male friend for support.

I find it strange when words like male dominance is used to brainwash young minds. The fact is in feminism women tells a woman she is undervalued and is made to feel weaker by using the word male dominance.

The Belief lead  gender bias

As pointed by Hyde in gender similarity hypothesis our beliefs have a lot to do with gender bias. Social psychologists say that whatever we belief have a self fulfilling prophecy attached to it. In other words what we believe we tend to make it true by certain way we act.

A male is told he can’t communicate similarly a girl is told she is not cut out to be an entrepreneur and is often told to pursue a career that suits her nature. While learning process should always be fluid!

This intuitons and societal beliefs inturn creates unneeded gender bias.


36 thoughts on “Why Gender Bias Is Actually Irrelevant In Today’s World.”

  1. Gender bias to me is unfair treatment based on gender, while I believe gender bias has declined over the years I wouldn’t say it’s gone completely. I think a lot of overt gender biases have slowly subsided but some more covert forms still linger both for males and females alike. Interesting read and great insights, you pointed out some new things I hadn’t considered.

  2. “Feminism is good till it’s fighting against crime and violence against women but once the male hatred is included it alters the whole meaning.” < — THIS RIGHT HERE, I could not agree with you more on this!!

  3. Wow! That’s a subject many dare not go. Nice one for tackling it head on. Hope this reaches many.

  4. Well written article and you tried to bring out something new but important topic. This post deserves a share.

  5. Few terms are heavily misunderstood and people are unnecessarily creating chaos. This post is Guide to all of them. Very beautifully you have explained everything.

  6. Great post. I will admit that I got defensive automatically after reading the title. However, I can say that you make some very valid points. I agree with certain parts of this piece.

  7. There are some countries that they more on sexist than feminist. In other they give more advantage to the all man than woman this is really sad because they don’t give the chance about the woman empowered. great thoughts.

  8. One might object that there are meaningful differences between males and females, and these in turn are the source of gender inequality. Some believe that equality is the wrong word to use, because males and females can’t be equal if they are different.

  9. This is a deep post with a new take on a age-old topic. “In other words what we believe we tend to make it true by certain way we act.” this is what I believe in and we have to change that thinking for equality.

  10. I 100% agree with you. It’s the 21st century and people are still stereotyping gender. And more and more feminists are getting worser (plenty of YT videos shows this). One of my uncles still thinks we’re beyond the 1950, still thinking that women should be in the kitchen or doing house chores, it’s rediculous!

  11. “Feminism is good till it’s fighting against crime and violence against women but once the male hatred is included it alters the whole meaning.” I totally agree with this. I hope both men and women understand this truth.

  12. Respect your views. This is a very sensitive topic that I choose not to engage in discussion since differences of opinions would always exist. The reality is seen in two worlds where experiences are different

  13. Such a touchy topic to write about. Thanks for sharing and I clearly understand your thoughts on the matter.

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