Why You Must Experience Physical Benefits Of Meditation At Least Once.

Physical Benefits Of Meditation

Before going to the immense physical benefits of meditation I would like to give a brief introduction to the meditation, benefits of meditation in the morning and why one must meditate?

What is meditation?

We have all come across this question and have sought to know about it. In my experience with present age in mind, physical benefits of meditation can transform our lives in all possible ways and for the good. We are living in times of stress, anxiety, pain, and suffering. Well, people think meditation is sitting on mountains crossed leg with certain pose looking at horizons like monks. Physical benefits of Meditation is just way beyond our thinking. Meditation is a practice which if done regularly has a longlasting effect on how we lead our life.

In the 24 hours that we all have what do we do most?
We think! and if there was some magic app just like in our phones that could calculate the time we think in the 24 hours?
you would be shocked to know its 80%. Thinking is good we need to survive after all but to some extent. Our thought has direct control over our brain, mouth, and actions and we can’t stop thinking. A vast majority of our thoughts are useless and instead of being constructive are negative and certainly control how we feel.


Its Monday you are on your way to work on your vehicle and some guy bumps right in front of you
your reactions
How Dare he! He didn’t even say I am sorry and all of a sudden you are ANGRY!
So what does thinking has to do with meditation?
Well, everything

Meditation is a practice. It controls your thoughts and the speed at which thoughts enter your mind! One of the best benefits of meditation is, you can almost turn off thoughts just like a switch. Click To Tweet

Why you should Meditate

“If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.” ― Gordon A. Eadie Click To Tweet
This goes with meditation, before meditating one must believe in powers of physical benefits of meditation and here’s why you should meditate
It can help you in improving your concentration.
Meditation will teach you continuous improvement.
It can give you in-depth self-wisdom.
Meditation will light up your mind, soul, and heart.

One can also meditate for the following reasons
1.If you are looking for peace
2.If you want relief in life
3.If you want more in life
4.If you are suffering from anxiety and stress
5.If you want to focus more on life
6.If you want to know yourself more

Physical Benefits Of Meditation Proven Scientifically

the infographic source http://adrenalfatiguesolution.com/20-scientific-benefits-of-meditation/.

1. Meditation reduces Stress
We tend to think a lot. Most of our thoughts are often negative by stopping this continuous thinking meditation reduces stress. There is no scientific background in support but meditation has been there since ages and lot of people have found relief.

2. Meditation can make you healthy
With stress management meditation also helps in keeping your blood pressure low, lowers anxiety, supports the immune system, increase brain folds and also helps in breaking addictions.

3. Meditation keeps you happy
Meditation helps you in having control on overthinking, words and action which are the reasons for a less joyful life. You start understanding your purpose in life just as Julien in “A Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin S Sharma. Its one of the books I personally like and would encourage you to read.
4. Quality sleep
5. Better relationships are few other benefits to meditating daily

How to make meditation a habit

Follow this five-step formula to start noticing positive effects in life with meditation
1. Identify
To cultivate a habit you must find interest in meditation I have listed down few vital benefits of meditation. Write those down and reflect on those, for example, you want to improve your relationship you can write that down. Enlist every aspect of your relationship that you need to work on to see some positive changes. You will become less emotionally reactive and start having a better understanding with your partner.

2. Choose
After knowing your why you should select a date and you can start initially by meditating for less than two mins and eventually increase the time mark your date because this date will be in your memory forever as you’ll start seeing results

3. Energize
As you have made the decision your positives have been set in action. Add energy to your goal by sharing your meditation goal with three people friends and family. They will be your coach and keep you on track so that you don’t give up no matter what comes up ahead

4. Recognize
Life is hard and there will be obstacles ahead you can take help from your energizer to overcome them. Have a foresight about these obstacles so when hard time comes you shake it off. It takes time to develop a habit. I have written on developing habits in my blog 5 Am waking up changed my life you can get tips on building your habit.

5. Organize
A successful plan in action is the result of sheer determination and discipline organize your meditation goals with your daily morning or evening routine to get physical benefits of meditation.

Bonus tip Try Headspace I started meditation with this beautiful app and the positives have encouraged me to share it with you.


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