Valuable life lessons I wish I knew 5 years ago


Life LessonsA lot has changed since I graduated. I found a job after two or so months and ever since have been working hard, being creative, learning something new, making mistakes and getting back over with life lessons.

Back in my first job I was working in a company with some interesting people. I desperately wanted to learn something new every day and competed with myself on a constant basis that you could relate too. I had the opportunity to understand life lessons from the entrepreneurs who run a successful company. Some life lessons were learned by my mistakes and few from my mentors or network that I made while I was working.

It’s 2019 a New Year and I thought I should really write about life lessons that have helped me so far. I wish that I knew these life lessons five years ago. Through all the years these valuable life lessons have helped me shape my life.

Life Lessons I wish I could learn 5 years back

1.  Live in the Moment

We often work for future that we don’t know and lose the moment that we are in. Life will be Life, it’s never a joyride and there’s no point in laying brick on the ocean time for your future castle by trading your present.

Time is the most valuable thing and there’s no point in regretting in your old age for most vital things you’ll likely miss being busy alone.

Learn something new, Spend time with your family, work on that skill you don’t possess, Watch a sitcom you love or Hit a text to that school friend or maybe even visit them. Trust me 2019 will be an amazing year for you with these life lessons I learned in my journey.

2.  Learning one more thing

Learn anything and every day be 1% better. You can’t be knowing everything, things change every second. I have learned that by widening your knowledge with new skills you can get your goals faster. You will be one step ahead of people who don’t give emphasis on learning.

Learning can’t stop. With this life lesson, you must develop a learning mindset and develop skills to be the out of the box thinker in the room. And if you look at top leaders they constantly learn and explore new things because

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3.  Be simple

Don’t complicate things when life already is doing that for you. Imagine your life 2, 3 or 5 years from now

what do you see?

My guess, Wealth, Better Job, 6 figure income some might be wanting that government Job, few cars, and a bigger mansion with 5 x rooms. But with all these, you won’t be happy. Happiness isn’t buying stuff definitely not something you’ll have after you become rich. I find Jim Carrey as an inspiring person a phenomenal actor and his quote adds a life lesson for those who have not made it yet

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and get everything they have dreamed about so they can see that’s not the answer”

Be simple, buy less stuff, de-clutter the unwanted thoughts, stress, and discontent with things that are not necessary for life. Be a minimalist

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4.  Make family the priority

I like soul searching and find the internet the best place to relax my mind and learn something new. With time I was working really hard 50-70 hours a week at times. Anything in excess is lethal and I started noticing the effects sooner than expected

My memory started becoming weak, I had the worst sleep patterns and disconnect from people in life. I mastered being alone in a room full of people even at my home. I read a blog about Parents and it said

“Will you give ear to me when I am old and would barely be able to speak, will you walk with me when my legs won’t allow me, will you talk to me when I would lose my hearing”

And this Life lesson just changed me like anything I found a job that allowed me to be with my family and started spending time with my family more, After all, I won’t get this chance back

Your family is your support and what’s a life without them?

5.  Organize your mornings.

Mornings are the best times you should use well. An average person sleeps more than 8 hours that will be closer to half a person’s life if he sleeps in the daytime as well.

Would you want to sleep 35 years of your life if you live till 70?

There’s so much energy that you can put into work in the best morning hours. I started waking up early and it has dramatically changed how I live today. There’s a better work-life balance, increased productivity and mental peace with meditation in life now.

6.  Get your financial right

Being in debt can make your life miserable and give you unwanted stress. So settle all your debts as early as possible. Have patience with your buying it’s better to wait and buy than buy now and have a huge debt.

“Credit cards are an asset to bank and liability to you” Click To Tweet

So use it wisely. People consider credit card as a magic wand for happiness. But what’s short-term happiness worth with long-term debt.

7.  Friends are for Life

Friendship is like trees you need to sow the seeds, nurture them and let it grow. Make your friendship count as with tough times you need nothing but friends and family by your side.

Stop being selfish, life’s really short, like sand slipping from your hands to have an ego about your life, you’re this, and you’re that. A friend is a pursuit to happiness that you make distant with your lone time. Share these Life lessons with your best friends.


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