Are there any benefits of waking up at 5am? A 100% Yes


How Waking Up at 5am changed my life


benefits of waking up at 5am

Most people can’t keep up with getting up early regularly. They wake up once or twice and the next day their reflex is ready to hit snooze on their alarm clock. You could be a night owl and may perform at peak at night but trust me you need to be more productive at daytime. This is how I discovered benefits of waking up at 5am.




benefits of waking up at 5am

Believe it or not, in this tech-savvy world we are all addicted to a cell phone. We start our day with the cell phone and end it as well. Just imagine how cell phones are dominating our life and this has to affect our daily goals in all possible ways.

benefits of waking up at 5am

As per Deloitte Mobile Consumer survey an average Indian spends 2.5 hours on their cell phone which is closer to people in the United States of America. People spend their time checking the web for news, music, movie reviews, infotainment, buying groceries, calling a cab, reserving movie tickets keeping in touch with friends and family via social media.

benefits of waking up at 5am         You could definitely relate to this as I did. This caused me to be less productive in my daytime while I was only doing 9-5 going to bed and repeat.

I started my day by waking up late rushing to get ready for work and reach late there as well quite often. I arrived rumpled, grumpy and barely awake at work. Probably not the best way to start off your day.

I watched a video about a navy seal who spoke about the benefits of waking up at 5am and how it dramatically changed his life. What inspired me was somewhere in the video a person said like you should start your day with a win by making your own bed first. That just brings in winning attitude and discipline in your day.

So I decided to break this addiction and using the time for something productive in my life. Could be anything for you chasing your passion for me it was blogging.

We all have a sleep pattern you might be sleeping late and waking up late so this is a habit and to break it is difficult. So I read in a blog about 21 days challenge and it inspired me to take this to change my sleep habit. According to this challenge if you continuously wake early for 21 days you’ll develop this new habit and start to notice the benefits of waking up at 5am congrats you’ve made it.

Benefits of waking up at 5am


benefits of waking up at 5am

I am having the best sleep in my life as I am accomplishing more in my daily activities and am not worried about tomorrow or future. Research says whenever you think about something or watch something before sleep it is wired into your brain and it affects how you perform in the long run.


benefits of waking up at 5am

I never cared about fitness but a healthy body needs some workout so I started taking long walks the fresh air greenery it develops your creative mind and helps you in having a good mood throughout your day just like going for a trip does.

New Habits

benefits of waking up at 5am

I have started reading a lot as any source of information is just helping me in staying ahead of the brainy people which include books, blogs etc. This is how I started my own blog also. Trust me if you looked at my life back blogging had no room in it. I am feeling like I have more time longer days and I could achieve more than I am right now just by waking early.

Lastly, I am in control of my brain not my sleep as my reflex of hitting snooze daily has been reprogrammed.

Take the 21 days challenge to change your life because you need to be amongst the top performing people, Cheers to your future success.

Comment your thoughts about the benefits of waking up at 5am.






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